Study to show thyself – “Name it, Claim it!”

study2Ironic, isn’t it? The constant infusion of new age philosophies into Christianity has inadvertently or deliberately given birth to a completely new religion that bears the tell-tale signs of Christianity on the outside but hides something dark and sinister on the inside.

A lot of these philosophies do seem quite harmless at face value but end up doing a lot of damage to lives on the long run. The most popular of these philosophies being masqueraded as the gospel are these self-belief and self-help teachings made especially popular by the word of faith proponents: “Awaken the giant within you” “Release your potential” “Confession brings possession” and the list goes on. In all honesty, is there anywhere in the bible where teachings like these can be found?

If all of these so called new age philosophies addressed all our issues then where does that leave the Gospel? Of what relevance is the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus? Since you are able to imagine yourself as healthy and wealthy, confess things into being, then all the power lies with you and God becomes irrelevant!

This so-called teaching unfortunately obscures God’s grace and introduces a life of self-dependence, which the bible stresses do not profit in any way. When you get down to the brass tacks, these teachings only achieve one thing: enrich those who teach it! It never really benefits those who hear it. They not only come away from these meetings seeing all their shortcomings but also end up enriching the speaker with attendance fees and costs of the speakers’ cds, books and all other self-study materials. At least the secular self-help gurus are bit more upfront about their charges but the Christian ones are not. The Christians ones use God as a tool to milk people dry! Lazy people who cannot be bothered to know the truth for themselves.

A while back, I sat down to watch a programme, which I think, was entitled something like “A Christian perspective to wealth creation”. I was really interested and got myself ready to take mental notes. Boy was I disappointed! The presenter, I wouldn’t say whom, a preacher, was definitely a charlatan and a crook! All he ended up saying was that by sending certain amounts of money to him, God would make you rich. (I think I have just described more than half of the preachers on TV). It most certainly was a waste of my time listening to all the untruths he spewed.

Why do these teachings gain ground? Why are more and more Christians lapping up this pseudo gospel? Laziness and ignorance that’s why! They fail to realise that God is closer to them than they think. Let’s see what the bible has to say about this

But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, [even] in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach; Rom 10: 8

That’s how close the word of God is to every believer and we do not need any earthly intermediaries to bring it any closer. We already have such an intermediary in the person of Jesus. He is the mediator between God and man and His sacrifice has paved the way for us to enter the holy of holies, the very presence of God.

These “new age” teachings do not work! And rather unfortunately, its adherents are led to believe that their lack of faith is to blame. They then get caught up in a vicious cycle of trying to prove that they have faith by giving more, confessing more scriptures, attending all “supernatural/leadership” seminars et all until they burn out and get totally discouraged. The question they should ask themselves is “where does their faith lie?” Is it in the confessions? Is it in the word of faith preacher? Is it in the offerings, tithes and seed faith that they give? Or is it in God himself?

Com’on get real!


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  1. Nance
    May 21, 2009 @ 12:29:20

    Good post, Tony. By the way, I welcome all comments as long as they are respectful. I have trouble with trolling Christians who just want to hit and run (ghostwriter), but you certainly do not fit that category. If you are willing to embark on a discussion of the Trinity, I’m in. I study apologetics and philosophy in seminary and love discussions on doctrine. If a belief is based on sound doctrine, it will stand up to the scrutiny of a little sburban housewife. 🙂


    • eliteinchrist
      May 21, 2009 @ 13:25:42

      Now thats what I’d like to hear. I will put my thoughts together and send it to you. Would you prefer an email or would you rather I posted it on your blog?

      Many thanks


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