Now I know the significance of Abraham’s tithe to Melchizedek

I have found out that I have been writing so much on tithing of recent. Bro.  Wes of the Kingdom advisors website also pointed that out. But when you think that you have written all there is about the subject, new inspirations come to mind and one cannot help but write.

I have often wondered why Abraham’s encounter with Melchizedek was included in scripture. It seemed like a statement mentioned in passing without much significance attached to it. Was I wrong! Unfortunately though, this encounter has formed the basis for the doctrine of tithe and the school of thought that it is still relevant to today’s church. Here is an article that proves otherwise. Enjoy –


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  1. Darrell Meeks
    Jan 01, 2011 @ 22:28:11

    If I may, I’d like to suggest the inclusion of Numbers 31 in your writings. If Abraham’s tithe was intended by God an example to be followed by Israel, then the Lord certainly had a strange way of expressing such an alleged model to be followed in this other case because the soldiers mentioned in Numbers 31, those who fought in the battles, were commanded to hand over to the priests only 1/500 of what they received of the spoils, and those who didn’t go to war handed over to the priests only 1/50 of what they received of the spoils.

    Both figures, as you can see, are a FAR cry from 1/10. I’ve never seen this mentioned by any of the pro-required-tithe teachers from their pulpits, Sunday school lessons, et al.

    One other thing of grave concern to me is the traditional practice of religious people handing over to organized religion the primary, largest portion of their “giving” on the basis of false teachings. In most cases, the majority of all that so-called “giving” is absorbed into what actually is given the highest budgetary priority, which is the building, its expenditures and its upkeep, as well as the professional staffing and programs, with only the small remainder used for benevolent purposes, such as to meet the needs of fellow believers and others in the local community, and missions.

    Additionally, the “givers” are essentially lavishing their own so-called “giving” back upon themselves by way of direct benefit they reap from the institutionalized “church” model they support. That isn’t “giving” at all when the “givers” reap direct benefit from what they “give”.

    The giving of “alms” to the poor never provided direct, physical benefit to the giver, but “tithing” to organized religion does.

    Can you imagine those first century believers laying their giving at the feet of the apostles, and demanding return benefits by way of luxuries here on earth from what they gave? If people would gauge what they do by applying it to what can be gleaned from within scripture, the glaring deficiencies would become much more apparent to the casual observer.

    I’m not opposed to a religious group having a communal building and a staff of professional hirelings so long as their support of such a luxury is secondary to our primary responsibility toward fellow believer’s needs and the needs of the needy in our local communities. Instead, most people place the cart before the horse by lavishing their “giving” BACK upon themselves and each other in grandiose fashion that is utterly obscene when observed through the eyes of the Spirit.

    Believe it or not, many institutionalists have actually whined to me that if they gave only secondarily to their “church”, then they’d have to settle for a much smaller facility with fewer services. I sometimes have to do a double-take on what people say. I’ve often wondered why they can’t see how depraved they are, as betrayed by the words they speak.

    They even assume that every one of those men who land a job as “pastor” within institutionalized religion are automatically leaders of biblical stature, and therefore sanctioned by God. It never seems to occur to most that organized religion is not representative of the Church. Unbelievers darken the doorsteps of institutional “churches” every week. The Church, however, has not one unbeliever in its ranks.

    That alone gives us insight into the vast difference between the TRUE local Church, and all those things anyone can walk into, join as members, and even plop some support into the passing plate under the watchful, warm gazes of approval from the blind leaders.


    • eliteinchrist
      Jan 02, 2011 @ 18:55:06

      Hi Darrell,

      You have raised a very, very important point and I agree with you wholeheartedly. A bulk of the funds raised in many of today’s church is truly wasted on secondary things. Funny enough many of them do have some sort of double standard; they tell those who are in need that their lack of tithing is to blame instead of helping them and threaten others that if they do not tithe, they will not prosper! What a shame.

      I will most certainly look into the Numbers reference you provided.

      God bless


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