Tithes – 10% or 15%?

Happy new year everyone and I hope you all really enjoyed your festivities. As with every New Year, predictions and prophecies would abound so would New Year resolutions. I just pray that the good Lord would continue to reveal Himself mightily to us in the name of Jesus.

It appears those that advocate the tithe keep taking themselves further and further away from the truth of God’s word with their clever inventions and man-made doctrines. I came across this seemingly benign cartoon circulating on the internet.

Self righteouness

Self Righteousness

At first glance, you would wonder why I am nit picking over something so trivial. But the cartoon is not as benign as it seems, it carries a hidden message of guilt and condemnation.

To start with, the message of the cartoon tells me how little pro-tithers understand the Bible and I apologise for being so blunt. They tell us that the Bible instructs us to give 10% of what we earn to God because it’s His tithe. Failure to do that will incur His wrath as He unleashes the devourer upon you. And they perpetrate this even though it sounds ludicrous and is totally unscriptural. But if they maintain that God asks for 10% of the whole, why are they tearing out their hairs on the 15% of a fraction the waitress receives? Simple – the cartoon is a stealth way of raising more funds by levelling guilt on those who read it.

That is definitely not the way of the Lord; it is definitely not the way of the Spirit. Romans 8: 1 tells us there is therefore now no condemnation to them who are in Christ. Anything that brings feelings of guilt and condemnation is DEFINITELY not of God!

I tried to bring this up on one of the blogs I visited that had the cartoon and the kind brother, the owner of the blog, deleted that aspect of my comment and told me that his blog was not a place for theological debates. He said it was set up to help churches develop funds. The question I was dying to ask him was how? Through guilt, such as the message on the cartoon? Or through feelings of inadequacy?

Jesus said it categorically that HE WOULD BUILD HIS CHURCH! He does not need anyone’s help! Intentions might be genuine but the approach is definitely wrong and this is something God does not take kindly to. We can find a good example in the book of 2 Samuel 6. The children of Israel under the direction of David were taking the Ark of Covenant back to Judah and decided to carry the Ark in an ox drawn cart. This was contrary to God’s instructions on the bearing of the Ark. God‘s instructions were that it should be borne on the shoulders of four Levites. As they journeyed along, the ox stumbled and it appeared that the Ark would fall so Uzzah tried to steady it and God killed him! What is the moral of the story? God does not need your help!

It is God’s church and He knows it needs money, He will provide! He does not need any preacher or well intentioned believer guilt tripping His people into giving and that is just what this cartoon and the tithe doctrine assays to do.