Gaining wealth through the principle of sowing and reaping

We all need money and that is the honest truth. We need it to buy food, clothing, pay bills etc. And some people have loads of it while others barely have enough of it.

How can you gain wealth and have loads of money at your disposal? Through the simple law of sowing and reaping, a poorly taught concept in much of today’s church.

One of the many definitions of the word sow is to place seeds in or on the ground for future growth. In other words sowing is something done now which will be of benefit in the future. And in order to sow one would need a seed.

Since much of today’s church are not farmers and do not have physical plant seeds our time, money and talents are regarded as seeds instead.

What happens if you do not sow your seeds? You do not reap a harvest. What happens if you eat your seed? You’ll have nothing to sow with and have nothing to harvest. And rather unfortunately, much of today’s church face this dilemma: they do not sow their seeds and thus have nothing to reap come harvest time.

Like I said earlier, this law of sowing and reaping is so poorly taught in much of today’s church that many Christians end up wasting their seeds instead of sowing it. How then can we sow our seeds and reap a harvest?

We’ve all been led to believe that sowing your seed (talents, time and money) means giving them all towards God’s work. So you dedicate a large portion of your income to your local church and spend all of your time attending daily church programs and hope that God will reward this dedication with a harvest of wealth. Well am so sorry to disappoint you, that ain’t gonna happen!

Sowing, when used in the bible always referred to investments of some sort. The farmers in the bible who went to sow their seeds were investors and put in a lot of time and energy to ensure they reap a bountiful harvest.

They first of all usually had a good understanding of the seasons and knew which seeds did well in different seasons. Then they prepared their land, tilling and nurturing it so that the seeds they plant have a very good chance of growing. And come harvest, would reap the rewards of their labour. They did not give their seeds to the Rabbis, high priests and then go back home to call forth a harvest by proclaiming God’s word. That unfortunately, is what many Christians are guilty of.

We do not attract wealth because unlike the farmers we do not invest. The farmers first took into cognizance the season. How investment savvy are you? Have you researched what investments are likely to do well within a particular period? What about your time? How do you spend it? Do you spend it acquiring more knowledge, gaining more qualifications that could help you climb your career ladder very quickly? What about your talents? Do you try to improve them so that your earning power increases?

That is truly how you sow your seed! If you invest in improving yourself and your talents and invest in sound business ideas, with God’s backing you should reap a good harvest. And in so doing have more than enough for yourself and others.

If you want to give, give but do not be deceived that you are sowing and then hope to reap a harvest of money.

Sowing and giving are two completely different things!


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  1. Jonathan
    May 23, 2013 @ 10:13:52

    This law is a lot like the law of cause and effect or action and reaction. Whatever action you take the opposite and equal reaction is mirrored back to you.


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