Why do you tithe?

It’s funny how believers today have become divided on extremely trivial issues. We do not seem to learn from history and keep repeating the same mistakes of the past.

Doctrinal differences led to the reformation which unfortunately has not solved any of these issues as those who belong to these reformed churches are still as divided as ever. Some believe this and others believe that with both parties not being able to see eye to eye.

I have always been forthright on my views on the tithe and believe strongly that nowhere in the bible is the New Testament church given the command to tithe. But my views are completely irrelevant as it is God’s views that are all important.

Salvation is a personal thing and at the end of the day, we all are going to stand as individuals before God’s throne and be judged. It wouldn’t matter then if you were led astray by some preacher or deceived by your church leader because the Lord expects you to have a personal relationship with Him and be able to discern and know His voice.

If as a believer you are constantly being deceived and never realising until it is quite late, I believe you should check your relationship with God. Jesus said that His sheep hear His voice and the voice of a stranger, they will not hear. Not being able to discern God’s voice and being easily taken in by “cunningly devised fables” are definitely signs of extreme immaturity. And the heir who is still a child is no different from a servant and the problem with being a servant is you cannot partake of the inheritance of the sons, as a servant cannot abide continuously in the house of his master.

You are responsible for your own salvation and the bible enjoins us to work it out with fear and trembling. If your decision to tithe or not as the case may be is as a result of external influence,   you are yet to grow into maturity and would definitely be swayed by every wind of doctrine.

Check yourself; is your decision to tithe based on the message of fear from your pastor? Or is it based on the promise of unimaginable wealth? If given the chance to stop tithing, would you consider it a huge relief? Do you feel burdened by the practise but keep trying to justify it to yourself?

On the other hand are you overjoyed at being told you do not have to tithe anymore? Are you basing your decision to stop tithing on a rather convincing argument? If so, you will definitely find yourself tithing again when someone else presents a seemingly stronger argument in support of the doctrine. And that hardly shows maturity.

The onus is not on any preacher or any one for that matter to convince you to tithe or not rather it is on you to search scriptures to know God’s mind on the matter.