My Christian experience – Pt 2

One thing I have discovered in all of this is people’s view on the tithe actually reflects their views on Christianity. Those who promote the tithe doctrine usually have a works approach to Christianity. They usually take a performance based approach to Christianity and often teach things like stewardship, “touch not the Lord’s anointed”, set-man, your pastor is your covering, God has put them over you, if you disagree with them you are disagreeing with God, seed faith, sow money and reap money and so on. I also discovered that their teachings lack depth as all they do is entertain the gullible. The best part of their messages is always “if you want to release your faith and take advantage of God’s word in your life, sow a seed” and people actually believe this and oblige. Well I did too though.

My heart bleeds anytime I encounter people who are currently where I used to be. They exhibit the same ignorance I once did. They argue blindly and are more willing to defend their pastor than God’s word. I feel even worse when I listen to preachers push their personal agenda and preach man-made doctrines instead of God’s word. When will believers wake up? Why do you attribute God-like attributes to your pastor? God alone is infallible and the best of men are still men at their best; no man is infallible.

I still struggle with the relics of my past teachings quite like an ex-junkie would at the sight and thought of drugs and it is really standing in my way of true worship to God. I know that there is no mediator between God and me besides Jesus and I know His sacrifice has paved the way for me to gain access to God’s throne; I still sometimes seek the intervention of a pastor. I know I can pray to God on my own and He’ll hear me, I still find myself seeking prayers from pastors sometimes.

I only share my experience because I wouldn’t want others to go through what I’ve been through and trust me it can be difficult. There are scores of Christians who’ve gone through similar experiences and have ended up agnostics; I struggled with that at a time.

The truth is quite scarce these days and one has to search real hard to find the undiluted word of God. I know it is out there because God will never leave Himself without a witness.


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  1. Hije
    Nov 09, 2012 @ 14:41:53

    Flesh and blood did not reveal this to you but the Spirit. You are a man of God.


  2. Sylvia Davis
    Nov 10, 2012 @ 18:48:21

    Yes brother! I will never, ever, again allow myself to be taken advantage of in a building we call church again. Never! Your blog over the last couple of year has helped the scales to be removed from my eyes and I have actually come OUT from among them. Take a look at the following as well. Nothing but the truth about what is REALLY going on in the building. God bless you Tony!!!!!!


  3. Iyke
    Nov 12, 2012 @ 16:15:17

    Brother, I agree with you completely but I have some questions or should I say comments. I wished you mentioned them before some other readers might think you are sounding like a jilted ‘girl-friend’. I wish you touch on offering and what the bible prescribed as true ‘giving of offering’ and when can we give tithe (time, conditions, place, …etc). But the challenge you and I (with some others that have come to the ‘knowledge of the truth’) is that some people will never feel accepted except they ‘give tithe’ (commas was intentional) and as long as we have individuals who still believe they are ‘called’ (because I believed we have ONLY ONE CALLING) into full time (or part-time ‘ministry’), hmmm…tithe must be giving and received.


    • eliteinchrist
      Nov 12, 2012 @ 18:16:09

      Thanks for you comment! In fact I am not exactly a jilted girlfriend but a wife who just found out her “faithful” spouse had been lying to her!

      I have actually touched on giving and tithing in previous posts but this time I wanted people to know where am coming from. Hope it makes sense?


      • Iyke
        Nov 14, 2012 @ 09:02:03

        Hey! i see what you mean. Some people know these things, even agree with you but they are more comfortable with the way things are…you know…kind of ‘let the sleepy dog lie’ attitude. God help us. Below is a Nigerian with the same issue but from a different perspective. just wanted to share it here/.

      • eliteinchrist
        Nov 14, 2012 @ 10:32:13

        I visited the link and read the piece, quite sad indeed! I did read that private jets have now become the new mercedes for Nigerian pastors. It’s a shame but not at all their fault, if christians read their bibles as they ought we wouldn’t have occurrences like these!

  4. Steve Dieringer
    Nov 22, 2012 @ 16:22:19

    Tithing is indeed corrupted as long as it is an act viewed as something I must do to please God, or to please man. There is nothing one can do to make God love him or her more. There is nothing one can do to make God love him or her less. And I have very little interest in pleasing man for the sake of pleasing man. As ones journey in relationship to the Creator grows, ones heart changes. My own personal experience is now one of complete joy in giving of myself, and my resources. Not to please God or man, but simply to help. I view this as coming into having the heart of Christ, who gave and gives all. to have the heart of Jesus is to have the heart of a giver.
    Thanks, Steve…


  5. relationshipoverreligion
    Jun 15, 2013 @ 16:05:52

    Hello Brother,
    Good to read some of your material again. Only by God’s grace were my eyes opened to not only the silliness, but the performance-based aspect of typical tithe doctrine. A doctrine completely contrary to living by grace through faith. The Word clearly says the law has been “nailed to the cross,” and that would include the levitical law of tithing.
    I’ve been a born again believer for 22 years. Unfortunately, the majority of those years were influenced by typical tithe doctrine; I mindlessly gave away tens of thousands of dollars, not at all being led by the Spirit, but rather by a combination of fear and legalism. Like you, I created some serious problems and stresses for myself and my family, all in the name of performance based religion.
    For the last 8 years, I have rediscovered the joy of giving through the Spirit, and I can honestly say that, although this isn’t the reason I give…… I am more blessed financially than I ever was while living under the suffocating dictates of tithe-law. And the mental/emotional stresses I once inflicted upon myself are gone. Praise be to Jesus.
    Keep writing, my friend. There are plenty of others who suffer silently within the church; your blog can play a part in helping them escape the same pitfalls we experienced.


    • eliteinchrist
      Jun 19, 2013 @ 11:17:19

      Thanks for the kinds words! Having to live by man-made rules can actually turn the enjoyable Christian experience into an almost unendurable chore. We thank God for liberation and I join with you and pray that others still in this same situation would be set free. Amen!


    • Steve Dieringer
      Jun 19, 2013 @ 11:29:19

      Well said. Anything not done in the Spirit of Christ, is worthless to Christ and self.


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