Spiritual abuse in today’s church – Pt 1

I was born into the Catholic Church and always attended Sunday mass with my mum, my elder sister, my younger brother and younger sister. I was used to the ceremony but never really understood what it all meant. I never really understood the bible either.

In my teens, I became a ‘born-again’ Christian and joined the Pentecostal church of my own accord. And like I said in one of my previous post, I thought everything they taught was actually correct from a bible standpoint. So I threw myself straight into it and was completely immersed in its doctrine. I originally ignored the inconsistencies in doctrine and the wrong teachings really affected my view of Christianity and conditioned my behaviour.

When the inconsistencies had become too glaring to ignore I had a crisis of faith and faced severe internal battles as I questioned the legitimacy of all I had been taught. It lingered on for a very long time and I almost left Christianity altogether as I had begun to have doubts if God really existed. I thank God that He intervened through a variety of ways and this led me to start all over from the beginning.

I started from the book of Genesis, reading from chapter to chapter and book to book and now begun to see things in a completely new light. God is the only constant in the entire universe as He never changes, however, the way He relates with creation changes. The way He related with Adam and Eve was quite different to the way He related with Noah. This too was also different to the way He related with Moses and the Children of Israel.

The Old Testament contains the Law and accounts of God’s relationship with those living in that dispensation. And God’s requirement from those in that dispensation was completely different to ours in the new. I could now see the reason why the Pentecostal circle I had been in was the way it was; they’d simply repurposed the requirements of the Old Testament to try and fit the New Testament.

Not everyone had the right to approach God directly in the Old Testament and this was formalised in the Law of Moses. The tribe of Levi was the only one who could enter the temple and bear the holy things. There were always grave consequences whenever a non-Levite tried to perform the role reserved for a Levite. It usually resulted in sicknesses or even death in some cases.


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