Do we defend the scriptures or the opinions of our pastors?

I have noticed a trend amongst many of today’s believers, a very shocking trend; we tend to defend the opinions of our pastors over the bible!

Many believers would certainly disagree with me, others would conclude that I have a problem. Either way, I believe it is the truth. Like I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I was involved in a series of email exchanges with a brother. He had written a piece on tithing (“here we go again”) which I had read through and thought it sounded so much like something I heard Kenneth Copeland say. A quick look at his blogroll confirmed my suspicions; Kenneth Copeland’s blog was on there.

I don’t intend to castigate anyone but this trend is becoming a cause for great concern. Kenneth Copeland’s idea on tithing is most certainly not scriptural (Don’t worry I know “touch not the Lord’s anointed”). He says amongst other things that tithing had been in existence since the Garden of Eden in the form of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. So when Adam and Eve ate the fruit, they were eating God’s tithe. What poppycock! How can a Christian read the bible and arrive at such an absurd conclusion? I pointed out to the brother that Kenneth Copeland’s take on the topic was unscriptural and out came “touch not the Lord’s anointed!”

He is certainly not the only one with misplaced loyalty and blind zeal; believers like this abound. They are so ready to spring to the defence of their pastors even when these pastors are wrong and I don’t think it pleases God.

One of the other many blogs I visit is Miriam’s blog, and she did a piece on the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) some time ago. You can read it here. She highlighted some of the practices of the church and to be honest these practises where truly questionable. But rather than weigh Miriam’s points against scriptures, threats were flowing freely. The anger of its faithfuls was simple “who are you to criticise our pastor?” They never bothered to search scriptures to see how their pastor’s sayings weighed against it.

This kind of attitude is becoming quite wide spread and to be honest this is how cults are born! Since no one is allowed to point out when these “men of God” err and simple minded folks who are just not bothered to search their scriptures hang onto their every word, error and false doctrine is right at the door and such a group stops being a church and starts becoming a cult.

If you are reading this, before you call the entire troop of hell against me, ask yourself this question, “who is my allegiance to?” Is your zeal for God or your pastor? Do you weigh everything they preach against God’s word? Do you have stacks of cds of your favourite preachers and never bother to check all they preach against scripture? I am not advocating rebellion or rudeness but we need to know where our priorities lie and draw the line. Such blind followership has caused a lot of people their lives with followers of Jim Jones, David Koresh and Yahweh ben Yahweh as some of such examples.

No man is infallible, no man is above mistakes. And when we hold onto the words of our pastors without validating them against scripture, we have begun to walk in error!